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KOCIC 한국화학산업연합회
자료실 ICCA 자료 리더십그룹
ICCA E&CC 리더십그룹 4월 전화회의자료 *첨부
2014/04/16 KOCIC
DOWNLOAD 1 : ICCA_Feedstocks_Background_Paper_Final_20140410.pdf
DOWNLOAD 2 : ICCA_Energy_Principles_Final.pdf
DOWNLOAD 3 : Draft_Commitment_to_Responsible_Care_E_CC_Comments.docx
DOWNLOAD 4 : DRAFT_140409ECC_LG_Telecon_Notes.doc

[ICCA E&CC 리더십그룹 4월 전화회의결과]


4월 9일 진행되었던 ICCA E&CC (에너지 기후) 리더십그룹 전화회의결과 관련 자료입니다.


*첨부 (4)

- 회의록 DRAFT 140409ECC LG Telecon Notes

- RC선언서 수정사항 Draft Commitment to Responsible Care E CC Comments

- "Energy Principles" 최종본 ICCA Energy Principles Final 

- "Fedstocks Background Paper" 최종본 ICCA Feedstocks Background Paper Final 20140410  


From: ootsuka shigenori
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 2:17 PM
Subject: Minutes of the last LG Conference call, Energy Principle documents and other
Dear all,
Attached please find draft minutes of the E&CC Conference call taken place
on 9th April.
If you have any corrections, please let me know.
Also attached are Final Version of ICCA Energy Principle, ICCA Background
Paper: Feedstock and the Chemical Industry.
I am very pleased to complete this work by the strong supports from LG
I would like to say many thanks to you again.
We will ask the endorsement to this work at next ICCA Board Meeting.
So I would like you to input these conclusion well to your CEOs before the
next ICCA Board Meeting in May.
Final document attached is the proposal sent to RC LG on the new RC Global
RC LG will discuss it to finalize the Global Charter at next RC LG meting
in May.
Best regards,
Shigenori Otsuka
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